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News from AgroManagement​

July 2016

For 5 year are AgroManagement taking part in the big exhibition for proffessional growers of Christmas Trees.

The exhibition is taking part in Langesø 18. August 2016. For first year is the standard owner of GLOBALG.A.P also taking part in the exhibiton. Come and visit us and GLOBALG.A.P.

June 2016

We have received our new accreditation for GLOBALG.A.P. version 5 from the American Accreditation body ANSI.

It was for first time in 3 year a very proffesional way we have experienced the audit. We are happy that we now have documentation for our company is working after the international standard ISO 17065.

August 2015

Also this year did we take part in the yearly exehibition for Chritsmas trees.

It was nice to meet customers from more countries.

News to our customers.

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