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Tlf.: + 45 51 24 49 89

CVR.: 26 85 77 24

Contact AgroManagement

Administration​ - Catalina Popa

Catalina is the responsible person for the administration for AgroManagment. Contact her, for further information.

e-mail: or

Phone: +45 53 62 49 89

Inge Bodil Jochumsen

Owner of the company and the daily manager. Is educated in farming and have since taken education in more certification standards.​

You are alway very welcome to contact me: ​

Phone: + 45 ​51 24 49 89​​ (Speak English)

- Or you can use the contact form below.​


Quality Comittee

​AgroManagement have a committee that monitors the certification process, our ability to treat all equal, from the rules set out in the various standards regulativer.everybody are very welcome to contact one of the members if you have something to complain about.

Members of the quality comittee:

Bo JM Secher: e-mail: :

Frans Theilby: e-mail:

Hanne Paludan: e-mail:

Svend Jensen: e-mail:

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Kirketoften 5
5610 Assens
Tlf.: 51 24 49 89
CVR: 26857724