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AgroManagement is offering certification after more standards.

The main standards are GLOBALG.A.P and GTP Code.

We do also offer HACPP certification.

We are investigating the market, and have the whole time focus on there are new standards on the market.

Our main customers are farmers, but also companies that handle, trade or sell products from farms.

It is free to contact us and receive an offer!

A​groManagement is offering certification after following standards:


  • Fruit and Vegetables
  • Flowers and ornamentals
  • Combinable crops
  • Plant Propagation Materials
  • Dairy
  • Cattle and Sheep

  • Calf/Young Beef

  • Poultry and Turkey

  • Chain of Custody

If you have any doubt about a company is certified can you always contact us. Send an e-mail to with name of the company, certificate number etc. then will we help you